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Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr Review is finally here.

I was so excited to get an ARC copy of Carr’s latest novel, especially since it was another addition to Carr’s infamous Virgin River collection.

This novel brings back all the characters I LOVE Jack, Mel, Preacher, Paige, and many more. However, this book centers around Kaylee Sloan. She lives in Newport Beach but needs to get away. Her mother died, and the house she lives in is a reminder, causing her to not let go of her grief. It is also preventing her from writing a suspense novel that her publisher is waiting on that she is under contract to finish. She decides to rent out her house and spend time in the small town of Virgin River, staying in the Templeton’s house. When she arrives, though, the house is on fire, deterring her plans.

In town, she meets Jack at his bar leading her to meet his wife, Mel. Kaylee decides to stay because her house in Newport is leased out until the end of the year. She ends up renting a cozy home from Landry. A single guy around her age that is very handsome, something Kaylee decides to overlook (or tell herself too). She is there to work, but she expands her views, which now includes a kitten. While trying to find herself and get past her grieving, Kaylee starts writing a romance novel that coincidently is based on her and Landry.

Will Landry turn out to be the guy in the romance novel she is writing about? Will Landry help Kaylee get over her grief and move past her mother’s death to find happiness again? One thing is for sure, neither live in the same city when this little escape is over for Kaylee.

With the holiday’s approaching flooding painful memories into Kaylee, will she not only finish her books but find her footing again? Return to Virgin River is a novel full of heart, romance, growth, and, most of all, finding a family outside of yourself.

Overall, I LOVED Return to Virgin River. It has just the right amount of romance mixed with the story. I felt like we really get to see the characters grow and develop. We also get to see a beautiful romance develop. I love the two storylines we get to see entwined. Landry is a great character and to read pieces from his perspective was great. I love the description of the town too and want to go there!

Most of all, I loved how effortless it was for Carr to bring back the original characters from the Virgin River franchise. They were intertwined into this story that satisfied all of us that are fans, especially Jack and Mel. I definitely recommend checking out this book.

Title: Return to Virgin River
Author: Robyn Carr
Pages: 320
Where to Purchase: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Books A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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