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On her 21st birthday, gifted cellist Iona Muir receives a package from her estranged father containing a letter from her mother, Grace, a talented musician who tragically died ten years earlier. Reeling from what she reads, Iona soon discovers a mysterious, faded photograph of Grace, hidden inside her cello case.

Honoring her mother’s request, Iona visits Grace’s beloved music teacher, taking the first step on an emotional trail of discovery that has been left for her. As Grace’s story unfolds, Iona gains a deeper insight into the mother she lost and the heartbreaking truth about Grace’s last months. The more Iona learns, the more she is drawn back to her family home, on the remote Scottish island of Orkney, and to her father.

Overall, I have to say . Author Alison Ragsdale has a true writing gift. The Scottish scenery was brilliantly described in Dignity & Grace, making me feel like I was transported in time to where this book took place. I love how the name of the book ties in with this novel, making it all come to life too.

As far as the characters, they were very well-rounded. I adored Iona. I also really loved how there were so many topics interwoven throughout this story with such ease that it wasn’t overwhelming. I definitely recommend adding this book to your TBR list if you haven’t already.

Author Alison Ragsdale is a former professional dancer and marketing executive. Originally from Edinburgh, she now lives near Washington DC with her husband and dog. Alison was educated in England and holds an MBA from Leicester University.

Kindle #1 bestselling author, and two-time IPPY Award winner, Alison writes emotional, contemporary fiction novels with a touch of Scotland. Her books are described as “Heart-wrenching tales about family, love, loss and self-growth.”

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